Growing up on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay in Alabama, Larkin’s artistic talent revealed itself at a young age.  She won several local and state awards while attending Bayside Academy and went on to study art and history at Georgetown University and abroad in Italy.

Larkin continued to hone her artistic skills through figure-drawing classes at the Art Students League in New York, while working as a paralegal at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and preparing to go to law school.  She returned to Alabama for law school and began her practice in Mobile.

In the intervening years, she and her husband have had four beautiful children and have settled in her hometown of Daphne, where she enjoys spending time in nature with her family and creating beautiful pieces of art in her free time.  She enjoys trying new mediums and exploring new subjects and offers her artwork to the public through online sales and local art shows.

Larkin is inspired by her childhood growing up in this area – the love of a place she calls home, the freedom to explore she experienced as a child, and the natural beauty of our area.  She especially enjoys capturing the landscapes, local flora and fauna, jubilees and local scenery that surround her family’s daily life on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

Larkin is probably best known for her bay scenes capturing children exploring our natural world by the water.  She enjoys playing with color, studying light and attempting to capture the beauty of our world.  At the heart of her art is an appreciation for all of God's creation and a desire to reflect that beauty in her art.   Examples of her work may be seen on her Instagram page @LarkinPetersArt.  She can be contacted by email at LarkinPetersArt@gmail.com.