Live Event Painting is such an amazing way to capture a momentous occasion such as a Wedding or other large scale events. The finished painting will bring beauty to your home and joyful memories for years to come. It is also an exciting form of entertainment for your friends and guests, who enjoy seeing themselves being painted into the scene while it takes place!

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My style is impressionistic and colorful rather than photo/realistic.  My goal is to capture the feeling and the atmosphere of your special event as much as anything. My desire is to create a piece of art that you'll be proud to showcase in your home just as you would any other piece of art you invest in. For me, the feeling and the beauty of the scene is more important than trying to capture every detail with precision.  

Some things you will need to think through if you are considering hiring a live event painter:

1. What portion of your wedding (or other event) would like to have captured?  Sometimes a painting of the reception captures the "feel" better and has more lasting appeal than the wedding party at the front of the church or the first dance.

2. What color palette are you drawn to?  Brights, muted, pastels, etc. I can show you examples if you aren't sure..

3. Do you prefer a certain orientation (horizontal, vertical or square) for your final painting? This may be important if you have an idea of where you want to hang your piece.


If you have a wedding planner, I am happy to work with her well in advance of the wedding.  But, if not, a meeting by telephone or in person, will be fine to square away the details of your painting and my set up needs. My preference, if possible, is to go to the location during the rehearsal (or sometime the day before) to confirm where everything will be and arrange for my set up.  My needs are pretty simple - just sufficient space for my easel and table and access to an electrical outlet for lighting.  I love to be able to go the day before if possible so that I have a clear sense of where I’ll be painting and ensure that I will have the view and space I need for set up (whether it is to paint the vows, the reception, etc.).
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The day of your wedding, I will arrive several hours before your wedding to begin painting in the background and blocking in the scene so that I can focus on capturing the people during the actual wedding.  It is always so fun to watch the painting come together as your day unfolds.  I love chatting with guests and letting them watch as I paint - for many it is a really unique experience, as they’ve never seen an event painter painting from life!  I continue painting throughout the reception and usually have an almost complete painting by the end.  I always take the painting home with me to add final touches and finishes, but will have it ready for you within a few weeks of your wedding.


First, I will need to know the date and location of your wedding to confirm I am available.  I will share pricing upon request in response to this initial communication. I ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm the booking with the remainder due on the 1st of the month of your event/wedding.  I offer a variety of canvas sizes up to a 20x24.  If you are interested in a larger statement pieces, that is always an option as well, but is not included in my standard pricing.  If travel is necessary, I will let you know the travel fee (just depending on what is required) at the time of the booking.  

If you have any other questions, just let me know!  I am always happy to answer any time and hope this gives you enough information to make a decision!  I look forward to hearing back from you and thanks again for reaching out!!