Thank you so much for your interest in having me paint for you! 

A commissioned painting of your children is something you will treasure not just for years to come, but for a lifetime.  I have fallen in love with creating my bay scenes for people because I feel like they capture the magic of childhood and the beauty of our area.  Mobile Bay just happens to be in our backyard, but I love painting children and families in any setting! 


Seeing a painting of your children playing in their natural environment and in poses that are not “posed” but how they actually move and play is such a special thing.  I’ve had so many people be amazed that they can recognize their child in a painting just by the way they stand or move!  But it isn't just that!  It is the proportion of their legs to their body and the shape of their torso or the way they put their hands on their hips.  You "see" your children in these paintings for the same reason you can recognize someone you know well by their silhouette or the way the walk - even from a distance.   In my paintings, you will find the children standing at the edge of the water watching the waves wash over their feet or walking along an old tree trunk that has washed ashore.  I love painting siblings playing and enjoying nature or interacting in other ways or simply holding hands as they walk or watch a sunset. 

My style is colorful and impressionistic and the comment I get most upon delivering my commissions is that they feel “joyful”!  It is truly such a joyful experience for me to create these paintings for you and it is my hope that the joy and energy I pour into these commissions comes through to the viewer! It is an honor to get to work on these paintings for my customers and it is my hope that they stand alone as a timeless piece of art that everyone can enjoy, but which holds a special place in your heart because it captures the unique mannerisms, movements and expressions of your children in a way that is profoundly personal to you as their parents!

If you would like to receive more information about the process and pricing for your own commission, please sign up for my newsletter below and send me an email requesting my COMMISSION INFORMATION SHEET!  I look forward to hearing from you!


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